Book 2 Bios _

[MAY 29, 2343 A.D.]


Aaron Lylstad – Age 44

A strict and formal KPA captain stationed at the KPA Head Complex in Sydney. He is the brother of the Australian Union’s current prime minister, Deborah Morganson.

Adofo Farid – Age 20

A college student who joined the KPA to protect his native Egyptian Union from the rising threat of rebels, including The Thunder of Fenyang.

Benjamin Holtt – Age 54

A panelist with a United States Union Army background selected by the KPA to help screen individuals best recommended for positions in the USU’s transition government.

Brian Giggs – Age 20

Escaping the destruction of Moon Colony Moori, he has found himself in the service of the Kinheir Peace Armament in the Egyptian Union under Major Johnson. He is using this opportunity as a peacekeeper to prepare himself and the world for the inevitable rematch he believes to be coming against the alien beings that destroyed Moori.

Chang-won Poyru – Age 20

Serving with Brian Giggs under Hogarth Adler Johnson in the Egyptian Union, he watches out for his reckless friend while trying to steel himself for the coming battle against the destroyers of Moon Colony Moori.

Emma Forsythe – Age 25

A KPA lieutenant that serves as Reish Kinheir’s aide and secretary in London.

Hogarth Adler Johnson – Age 50

Commander of KPA Campsite D-5 in the Egyptian Union. A major with a loud and rough exterior willing to work with limited resources and take risks, but not comfortable with failure resulting from either. Buried somewhere deep beneath all of this are the high ideals that made him a soldier desiring to serve beyond the borders and direct interests of his home union in the USU.

Juli Wenzel – Age 20

Unbeknownst to MMM allies Brian Giggs and Chang-won Poyru, she escaped Moon Colony Moori and is serving the KPA under Teresa Eun Bolton in the Chinese Union as the field medic of a successful extraction outfit working tirelessly to ease tensions between the European and Asian Unions.

Lewis Summers – Age 21

Canadian Union fighter pilot presently serving the Kinheir Peace Armament under Tyrone Williams.

Malik Tacker – Age 27

A KPA sergeant who has been paired with Lieutenant Swift on several successful missions in the recent past.

Reish Kinheir- Age 49

Having emerged from hiding, discarded the disguise of Viesh Gartenk, and thwarted Magnus T. Oghin’s plans, the founder of the original Iron Revolution Faction has led a paramilitary and diplomatic reformation effort with his newly formed Kinheir Peace Armament. Equally philosophical, pragmatic, and idealistic, he believes he can restore faith in the World Union and forge a lasting peace across the globe.

Rex “Rave” Reichenbach – Age 22

A Kinheir Peace Armament fighter pilot in Tyrone Williams’ air support team, formerly attached to the German Union Luftwaffe. He has a highly competitive nature and comes off as a snide individual, though he has very intense convictions and tremendous loyalty toward those he serves alongside. He wears a unique pair of red shades over his eyes, even while flying, and loves dance music.

Sebastian Sergei Thurmasi – Age 50

Pledging his loyalty to the KPA, he works to forward Reish Kinheir’s peace agenda, which he believes will allow him to restore his own dignity as a man and a soldier.

Shunsuke Suzuki – Age 24

Japanese Union fighter pilot presently serving the Kinheir Peace Armament under Tyrone Williams.

Spencer Swift – Age 32

A KPA lieutenant with a nasty habit or two who is known to consistently achieve the results asked of him.

Teresa Eun Bolton – Age 39

The commander of KPA Outpost East A-22 in the Chinese Union. With a respect for her soldiers’ lives and an eye toward the big picture, she works to resolve the conflicts in the Asian Union following the costly treachery of Magnus T. Oghin. Her knowledgeable curiosity and yet strict disdain toward the tragedies of the past on the continent seem to hint at horrors she herself endured and is trying to manage to this day.

Timothy Wells – Age 20

English Union fighter pilot presently serving the Kinheir Peace Armament under Tyrone Williams.

Tyrone Williams – Age 22

A former Winger special forces member in the Washington Defense Corps who once served alongside Niles Burginoff and Adam Jhen. A man of strong beliefs and standards, in the weeks following the exposure of Magnus T. Oghin’s treacherous plot, he has joined the Kinheir Peace Armament and has been assigned command of a fighter jet support team in the KPA’s Asian Extraction Corps. He is currently based in the Hubei Union under the command of Teresa Eun Bolton. With hobbies that include military history and weightlifting, he exudes a strength in mind and body that only magnifies his natural leadership abilities. In fact, his team is known for having never failed a mission.


Adam (Baeleene) Jhen – Age 21

The lives of a Washington Defense Corps lieutenant and USU Resistance operative violently behind him, he tries to move on once more, hoping to be true to himself regardless of his past or those who have betrayed his hopes and dreams as a soldier. Now a civilian living in the Australian Union and presently working on the docks of Port Jackson, he looks after his newfound younger sister Katelin while she recuperates from her life as the Scarlet Angel and works to get answers on the one piece of his past that he cannot let go—the mystery behind his once presumed dead older brother, Darrian Jhen.

Alan McGovern – Age 36

A World Union colonel whose expertise is in the Middle East Union and its bordering regions. He has been ordered to the Egyptian Union by the World Union Head Council to advise and assist the KPA in their peace and stabilization efforts there.

Alyosha Kernovsky – Age 54

The leader and chief delegate of the Uralian Union in the World Union Head Council.

Amon Ismail Ahmose – Age 52

The president of the Egyptian Union.

Deborah Morganson – Age 46

The prime minister of the Australian Union.

Eddie Hower – Age 32

An English Union mecha pilot in a European Union outfit that was captured inside the Hubei Union by Asian Separatist Army rebels.

Anguo Shen – Age 45

The Asian Union’s current replacement for the assassinated Minsheng Lin in the World Union Head Council.

Heru Ramez Akhen – Age 29

An accomplished and contemplative lieutenant in the Egyptian Union Army.

Katelin Baeleene – Age 19

Casting aside the mantle of the Scarlet Angel in the wake of the Sydney Spaceport Massacre, the former covert leader/figurehead of the USU Loyalists has decided to focus her talents toward restoring the peace and prosperity of the United States Union.

Leonard Renbolt – Age 51

Commander of the GSDS-2 in Geostationary Orbit.

Mark Koss – Age 29

After a tumultuous journey back to Earth, he has been ordered by World Union officials to escort Tammy Simna back to Canberra for debriefing and data analysis.

Mateo Mason – Age 43

The North American Union’s current replacement for the assassinated Charles A. Baeleene in the World Union Head Council.

Meier Lontell – Age 46

The European Union’s current replacement for the assassinated Richter Herche in the World Union Head Council.

Richard VIII – Age 47

The mysterious and eccentric lawyer of the underworld has had his hands full since Magnus T. Oghin was placed behind bars. Dodging individuals who would have him dead, he is investigating a variety of matters from past cases that are both personal and professional in nature.

Tammy Simna – Age 20

Surviving the shuttle crash that brought her from her native moon to Earth, Tammy is trying to get her bearings on the planet of her parents’ birth. However, melancholy and uncertainty seem to follow her every step.

Victoria Angelina Caelum – Age 46

A strong, stubborn, and rather mysterious woman who was once Magnus T. Oghin’s fiancée. Her current residence and line of work is unknown.


Abdul Rahal – Age 50

The ARM X general that replaced Sebastian Sergei Thurmasi as Director of Candidate Development. He is the senior officer in charge of overseeing the Antarctic Training Facility.

Antone Saleno – Age 26

Stoic, analytical, and precise, this ARM X Aero Division lieutenant sometimes comes across as more machine than man. Once he has calculated his opponent’s strategy, he will go in for the kill without the slightest outward sign of remorse. His official call sign is “Cerberus.”

Berna Kaya – Age 26

An even-keeled Mechanized Division lieutenant who commands the 13th Unit’s 2nd Team.

Cally Yourth – Age 18

An orphan raised by Oghin family loyalists. She served the Neo IRF in the takeover of the Antarctic Training Facility until the ARM X provided her another way forward in the Civil Response Guard. She has an altruistic and forthright nature, which she is compelled to bond to an organization and cause.

Cameron Perri – Age 25

With his good-natured and welcoming disposition, he is the backbone of morale for Darrian Jhen’s main team. Like Rock Kremolle, this ARM X corporal has a military background from the USU Army.

Christopher Dowds – Age 20

A communications technician formerly in the Neo IRF. Since his capture by and defection to the ARM X, he has been cooperating in assisting the ARM X with their communications security while receiving additional training.

Cong Chen – Age 30

The captain of a Berserker team who often works directly with General Hawkk.

Darrian Jhen – Age 25

Selected as a Battle Ghost by Thomas Jeremiah Hawkk, he has been covertly diffusing border skirmishes between both official and rebel European and Asian Union forces with the Archangel. However, his current assignment has him watching over a certain VIP in Sydney.

Duke Elid – Age 23

A daring and haughty hotshot in the main team of Darrian’s mecha unit with a background in law enforcement. Everything is a contest to him, and he goes out of his way to make sure that he is the one who makes the first move in a fight. As such, he has something of a rivalry with his commander.

Eliza Colbert – Age 27

A scientist in R&D1 under Toshio Taka. While she often leans toward a lighthearted and personable approach, she is very serious about her work and provides a wide range of technical knowledge on a variety of high-profile projects.

Elliot Nugram – Age 18

The newest and youngest member of Darrian Jhen’s main team. This corporal’s talent for mecha combat has caught the attention of the ARM X higher-ups, opening doors for him. He comes across as a wallflower, but is really an intense individual determined to fit in and help his teammates.

Jacob Lonne – Age 28

Leader of the Silver Unit of Epsilon assault armors.

Jay Adere – Age 23

His passion for art, particularly painting, provides this ARM X Aero Division second lieutenant an attention to detail and bold creativity that benefit his flying. He has a quirky sense of observational humor that has earned him the call sign “Joker.”

Jonah Kelter – Age 49

An Aero Division captain who commands the Blue Hawk Squadron, which is nicknamed “The Monsters of the Air.”

Karen Reede – Age 24

A lieutenant in the ARM X’s Aero Division known as the “Sky Hunter.” Despite her reputation as a fighter ace, she is a very kind and considerate person harboring sentiments which would surprise those who have seen her in action.

Kenneth Poward – Age 23

A Mechanized Division sergeant serving under Rashid Daulsid in the 11th Tekkion Unit.

Louis Reget – Age 39

Leader of the Copper Unit of Epsilon assault armors.

Lucia Lakan – Age 29

A Mother-4 aerospace dropship bridge officer with the rank of lieutenant.

Marie Taka – Age 23

After her successful infiltration work preceding Operation White Shock, she has been summoned by her father primarily to assist him in overseeing and maintaining operations involving the Archangel. However, the mysterious disappearance of her mother when she was a child hovers over her interactions with her father, creating a sense of unease in their otherwise effective and mutually respectful partnership.

Matthew “Tekk” Stevens – Age 23

Recent cyber security concerns have had him bouncing between his old assignment in Communications Division and his recent reassignment in Science Division’s R&D1.

Miguel Arroyo – Age 24

A strategic-minded Mechanized Division second lieutenant who commands the 13th Unit’s 3rd Team.

Mirabel Dell – Age 28

An Aero Division lieutenant and AATF instructor that commands the Red Eagle Squadron.

Moses Masozi Mauss – Age 45

The ARM X’s Director of Internal Affairs and the senior officer in charge of Investigator Division.

Natalie Colbert – Age 24

A scientist in R&D2 who is the younger sister of Eliza Colbert.

Pablo Elizondo – Age 46

An ebullient sergeant in charge of a popular restaurant in the AATF Dominion. His abilities as a chef and a conversationalist are second to none.

Philomena Balazs – Age 38

Captain of the ARM X aerospace dropship designated Mother-4.

Rashid Daulsid – Age 35

A Mechanized Division lieutenant that commands the 11th Tekkion Unit dubbed the “Rangers.”

Rock Kremolle – Age 28

The eldest member of Darrian’s main team, and its tactical backbone. This ARM X sergeant’s USU Army background has given him a maturity that comes off not only in his professional bearing during combat, but also in his strong belief in loyalty and commitment to duty.

Samuel Leon Degarri – Age 52

He is the only officer with direct seniority over Thomas J. Hawkk, holding the exclusive rank of “Admiral” and the top ARM X Defense Council position titled “Director-Marshal of Principal Operations.” With a USU Naval background and a conservative leadership style, he has a contentious relationship with General Hawkk. In spite of this, he manages to run a steady ship. At this time, his position is a desk job of sorts. Yet, this position also makes him the only formal link between the ARM X and the Xeno Head Committee.

Sergio Guerrero – Age 21

A plucky Mechanized Division corporal in the 13th Tekkion Unit’s 3rd Team with an excellent work ethic.

Shanti Brighton – Age 22

A can-do Mechanized Division corporal in the 13th Tekkion Unit’s 2nd Team.

Steffen Zevlin – Age 30

Alternately known as “Zevlin” and “White Knight” to his subordinates, this former ARM X instructor and test pilot is the leader of the esteemed Whisper Squadron Victory. He is a strict, by-the-books commander whose flying technique is not elaborate yet nonetheless is highly effective.

Tasha Bol – Age 26

A perceptive and precise Mechanized Division sergeant in the 13th Tekkion Unit’s 3rd Team.

Thomas Jeremiah Hawkk – Age 47

A former member of the USU Army and WDC, he is a daring and inquisitive general who wishes to get problems solved at their roots before they sprout into a crisis. That being said, he has a short temper. Nevertheless, he has overwhelming respect for and trust in his soldiers, treating them like brothers and sisters. If the opportunity arises, he will not hesitate to join his subordinates in battle. In the ARM X, his full title on the Defense Council is “Director of Military Operations.”

Toshio Taka – Age 60

Responsible for tapping into the ARM X’s Tekkion technology to the point where it is now. The designer of the TXMMI-5 Redeemer, KIFIS, Auto-KIFIS, and Mobile Stealth Skin, his genius appears unmatched. He is the father of Marie Taka.

Vince Garret – Age 24

The ARM X Aero Division’s very own “Wild Card.” Animated to the point of being irrepressible and unpredictable, he has trouble keeping his rank intact despite his incredible skill and instincts in a Tekkion fighter craft.

Xeno Organization Head Committee/Xeno Foundation – Age ???

The true and mysterious leaders of the ARM X. Admiral Samuel L. Degarri is their sole official messenger, carrying out their directives. The Xeno Head Committee is made up of twelve members that take instructions from an even more secretive three-member body, dubbed the Xeno Foundation

Zaida Rosario – Age 19

A cheery Aero Division corporal in Mirabel Dell’s Red Eagle Squadron.


Donald Syvers – Age 49

An ex-World Union scientist. He developed the Turbonic class of mecha and the AI drones dubbed Diamond fighters.

Magnus Trevor Oghin – Age 48

Thwarted from his ultimate goal of capturing the Cherubic Satellite Space Cannon by Reish Kinheir, his treacherous actions in the month of March with the Washington Defense Corps and New Iron Revolution Faction have nevertheless destabilized the World Union. He is now held in a military prison in Sydney, awaiting a negotiated World Union and Kinheir Peace Armament joint trial for his war crimes.

Morris Berg – Age 31

A crass Neo IRF bodyguard presently serving Rokell Xero.

Nathanial Curx – Age 48

A veteran of the original Iron Revolution Faction who is working to free Magnus T. Oghin from prison in the Australian Union. He is jealous and distrustful of Rokell Xero, a young soldier he views as a foolish upstart and disgrace to the tradition of the Iron Revolution Faction and its Blood Runners.

Owen Moore – Age 28

A Neo IRF bodyguard serving Rokell Xero who trained with and participated in the same USU Army Special Forces unit as Morris Berg.

Relenta Elis – Age 27

The surviving lieutenant from Rokell Xero’s Blood Runners whose specialties include explosives and mecha piloting.

Rokell Xero – Age 29

Wanted as a Washington Defense Corps traitor, he is on the run with resourceful allies that include the rogue scientists Yanlo Qiao and Donald Syvers, preparing plans to free his captured commander, Magnus T. Oghin.

Qiao Yanlo – Age 70

Having joined the Neo IRF, he hinges his hopes and dreams on uniting the power of his Black Deva and PSIFIS with the lofty ambitions and veteran military experience of Magnus Oghin.


Bomani – Age 28

Rebel soldier whose symbolic name of initiation means “Warrior.” He is Sefu’s lieutenant.

Chigaru – Age 30

Rebel soldier whose symbolic name of initiation means “Hound.” He has great prowess in hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat.

Fenyang – Age ???

Enigmatic and powerful rebel leader operating in the Egyptian Union whose symbolic name of initiation means “Conqueror.” He seeks to overthrow President Ahmose’s government and secede the Egyptian Union from the World Union.

Gahiji – Age 24

Rebel soldier whose symbolic name of initiation means “Hunter.” He is highly skilled in acts of deception.

Sefu – Age 36

Rebel soldier whose symbolic name of initiation means “Sword.” He leads an extremist group of anti-government revolutionaries loyal to Fenyang that are equipped with Czar-type Goliaths.


Ghoxe – Age ???

Ambitious and assertive Azile-xen Domain member who is highly supportive of Xezeron.

Ikkad – Age ???

Reserved and passive Azile-xen Domain member preoccupied with mathematical principles.

Prye – Age ???

Azile-xen Domain member who serves in the role of judge and mediator.

Quyo – Age ???

Traditionalist Azile-xen Domain member concerned with the aggressive actions taken by Xezeron.

Vircon – Age ???

Grandiose Azile-xen Domain member who serves in the role of annalist.

Xezeron – Age ???

The cunning and powerful leader of the Azile-xen Domain.

Yezc – Age ???

Guarded and mindful Azile-xen Domain member who often shares the views of Quyo.



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