ARM X Author Update for August 2021

Hello, readers.

Like so many, the challenging realities of the pandemic have meant a shift in plans in my life, and that goes for the time table I had anticipated for the release of future Universal War: ARM X books. As I am forced to divide my efforts in other areas, personal and professional, there will be a delay in the release of Universal War: ARM X Book 3. I can say that Book 3 takes the series to a completely different level, with a more timely narrative than ever, and that it is in a nearly publishable state. What remains is a final continuity check on some of the book’s later scenarios and a cleaning up of formatting for the paperback edition. I hope to release the Kindle and paperback versions simultaneously.

It goes without saying, this pushes back Book 4, which is fully written but requires a final, in-depth editing and formatting pass, and Book 5, which is between 85-90% drafted.

The official website’s reconstruction timeline has also been pushed back indefinitely. I will update you when I know more, but it could result in a change of plans regarding the series’ web presence.

Even though work toward release of the novels will go slow, I hope to release some excerpts and some new supplemental and promotional art in the coming months. The best way to keep track of that will be via Twitter, so follow me @ARMXseries if you haven’t gotten around to that yet.

If you’re new to ARM X, check out the series here:

Keep safe, all the best, and happy reading!


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