ARM X Holiday Sale and Update on Kindle Unlimited

Hey, readers!

If you missed the Black Friday Kindle Countdown sale on ARM X Books 1 and 2, never fear. ARM X Official has you covered! The ARM X Holiday Sale is live! The first two novels in the “Universal War: ARM X” series, THE ROAD TO BETRAYAL and A SHADOW OF CHAOS, are $3.99 EACH through 1/1/21!

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Men and women are being abducted from their friends and family across the globe to fight in a war that is universal to all, but known to few. Within the struggle to maintain peace, one generation seeks to reconcile the convictions of its past, while another seeks out interpersonal growth and meaning within an uncertain and rapidly changing world. The answers they seek all lead to one question: Who are the ARM X?

Pick up the action, mystery, and romance from Earth to the moon and back for this amazing price while you can!

ARM X Novel Series Product Page:

Book 1:

Book 2:

Also, there is an update on Kindle Unlimited. The ARM X novels have completed their run on Kindle Unlimited. Look for Book 3 to launch sometime in 2021!

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