NEWS: ARM X Returns on Kindle Vella!

Thank you all for your patience, readers! I am pleased to announce that The Songs of War (Universal War: ARM X Book 3) will launch episodically on Amazon’s Kindle Vella platform beginning March 2022. The pandemic, personal tragedies, and many new responsibilities have affected the timeline for the release of ARM X Books 3, 4, and 5, but the Kindle Vella platform has offered me the ability to begin to deliver these stories without further delays.

The ARM X series was originally conceived as mirroring a serialized television series, so this format brings things full circle. I am very excited for you to read these stories, as they grow more relevant each year and present a compelling spin on the science-fiction genre that emphasizes the resilient complexity of human relationships, the shifting realities that shape world-building, and eye-opening feats of the fantastic invading the everyday. The first 11 episodes are already up for you to binge, and the first 3 episodes are FREE! Each episode concludes with a brief behind-the-scenes insight, too. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re new to ARM X, feel free to jump into The Songs of War. It’s a thrilling entry point. But if you want to go back and see how it all began, check out The Road to Betrayal (Universal War: ARM X Book 1) and A Shadow of Chaos (Universal War: ARM X Book 2), which are available in Kindle ebook and paperback formats.

But that’s not all! Speaking of behind-the-scenes, here is a look at some more of the conceptual art that drives the world of ARM X.

As a final note, the relaunch of has run into some technical difficulties and options are still being considered. For the latest updates, follow @ARMXseries on Twitter.

Wishing you all health and safety in these challenging times. Stay strong and happy reading!


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