NEWS: Author Updates for Summer 2020

[TBMMI-2*] CENTURION (Promotional art by AJS –

A message from the author of the Universal War: ARM X novel series:

Hey, readers!

ARM X Book 1 and Book 2 are live with the changes noted in this previous update.

Due to circumstances beyond the author’s control, Books 3 and 4 are still in the editing phase. They total more than 450,000 words of work. When there is news to share on those sequels, it will happen here and on all of ARM X’s social media outlets. Thank you again for your interest and patience. They will grow the written world of the ARM X immensely. Because of the status of Books 3 and 4, Book 5’s status hasn’t changed since the last update.

The streamlining of and upgrade to has been delayed. The site is currently down, and I encourage readers to keep watching this WordPress site in the meantime. Previously noted updates to terminology and character bios have been going live in recent days.

As a reminder, each Monday is @ARMXSeries “Quote Day” on Twitter. As always, you can see past quotes archived under LIKES. Have a quote from Book 1 or Book 2 you want to be featured? Let me know through email, or a tweet, or via Facebook. Something else you want to comment on that struck you from the books, or do you have a business inquiry? Feel free to reach out.

Stay tuned here for more ARM X news and check out the below links for additional ways to keep up with and connect to all things ARM X!

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