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ARM X Official is down for reconstruction. You have arrived at the ARM X World subsite.

~Young men and women are being abducted from their friends and family across the globe to fight in a war that is universal to all, but known to few~

Prepare yourself: The genres of Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Real Robot, Paranormal, Espionage, Military, Political Drama, and Psychological Thriller meet under the banner of Science Fiction in this one-of-a-kind saga.

This WORLD section will go behind the scenes of the “Universal War: ARM X” novel series. Sub-sections including Excerpts, Characters, Mecha, Terminology, and Commentary will give you a front row look at the expansive and engaging world of ARM X.

The Road to Betrayal (Universal War: ARM X Book 1)

Available Now for Paperback & Kindle!

A Shadow of Chaos (Universal War: ARM X Book 2)

Available Now for Paperback & Kindle!

*More Titles Coming Soon/Pending Post-Production*



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