Book 1 Bios _

[MARCH 22, 2343 A.D.]


Adam Jhen – Age 21

An idealistic lieutenant in the Washington Defense Corps. He became a soldier to honor the memory of his murdered older brother, Darrian. Working through the pain of his past, and wanting to prevent that pain in others, he has dedicated his life to the WDC mantra: “To defend the freedoms and lives of the innocent.” His piloting and hand-to-hand combat skills, combined with his inherent knack for impersonation, have earned him a spot among the WDC Air Corps’ Winger special forces. Significant missions are few and far between, and he is growing restless. However, all of that is about to change under the most shocking of circumstances.

Gregory Tuil – Age 28

A WDC sergeant in charge of the mechanized forces stationed at Ridlily Stockade.

Jimmy Finn – Age 24

A WDC soldier stationed in the Maryland Union who, for better or worse, always goes out of his way for his fellow soldiers.

J.T. Edder – Age 21

A soldier and mecha pilot in the WDC whose diehard loyalty, hard work, and military family connections have allowed him to achieve the rank of captain with remarkable swiftness.

Lloyd Munn – Age 22

A restless WDC soldier stationed in the Maryland Union who likes a good time and has difficulty staying out of trouble.

Magnus Trevor Oghin – Age 48

Once a prominent figure in the Iron Revolution Faction, he defected to bring about an end to the USU Civil Uprising. As a WDC colonel, he now works to prevent similar rebellions and terrorist plots on the side of his former enemies. He is a charismatic and cunning man, skilled with the tongue as much as the blade.

Nathanial Curx – Age 48

A haughty major in the WDC who served under Magnus T. Oghin in the IRF during the Civil Uprising.

Niles Burginoff – Age 36

A well-respected WDC captain and instructor of intense conviction who led a team of Wingers during Operation Stormdrop. He personally selected and trained Adam Jhen for the Winger special forces.

Roger Gairn – Age 53

The stalwart commander of the Washington Defense Corps. He is a war hero known as the “Iron Cutter” who can’t surrender the role or burden of USU protector. In spite of his colleagues’ disapproval, he seeks to prove the ARM X as a real and terrifying threat to USU and World Union security.

Rokell Xero – Age 29

A princely though ruthless WDC soldier serving directly under Magnus T. Oghin. A military idealist, he believes every day is a trial, and expects much from anyone with the title of “soldier.”

Terrance Cort – Age 41

The conniving warden of the WDC’s Ridlily Stockade.

Tyrone Williams – Age 22

A Winger special forces member in the Washington Defense Corps who served alongside Niles Burginoff and Adam Jhen during Operation Stormdrop.

Valery Feiht – Age 40

A cruel WDC captain who has avoided punishment for her insubordinate and extreme actions in the past thanks to an arrangement with Warden Terrance Cort. She is presently in command of the Assault Train Garfish.


Bertrand Gilon – Age 58

An esteemed interdisciplinary professor of the natural sciences presently employed at the farside Apollo Lab in partnership with the MMM.

Brian Giggs – Age 20

A devil-may-care, modern-day cowboy with Moori’s Moon Militia who craves action and adventure. Beneath it all, however, there is something this MMM second lieutenant desperately wants to prove.

Brice Perchis – Age 21

A jack-of-all-trades aide serving General Jacques La Mout who is timid yet shrewd.

Chang-won Poyru – Age 20

A second lieutenant with Moori’s Moon Militia who has become
close friends with Brian Giggs. However, his focused, ethical nature and comfort with the metaphysical tend to clash with Brian’s impulsive and down-to-earth attitudes.

Hayden Trint – Age 19

A mature-minded and keen-eyed MMM corporal serving under Captain Libadeer.

Hoshi Ikeda – Age 31

A by-the-book MMM captain well-trusted by General Jacques La Mout.

Hudson Libadeer – Age 34

A vocal MMM captain whose subordinates include Brian Giggs, Chang-won Poyru, Hayden Trint, and Marlin Atloe.

Jacques La Mout – Age 39

The MMM’s stubborn yet cautious leader. He has great pride in Moon Colony Moori, and wants to see it grow and prosper.

Juli Wenzel – Age 20

A field medic with Moori’s Moon Militia who is also a skilled sharpshooter. She is a childhood acquaintance of Brian Giggs, which shows in their verbal spats against one another. It is said that she comes from wealth back on Earth, making her steadfast dedication to the MMM puzzling to some, including Brian.

Mark Koss – Age 28

A MMM defense operator working at the Central Dome’s Nerve Center on Moon Colony Moori. While he carries with him a rational professionalism, he is impatient and easily irritated. If at all possible, he would like conflicts to stay far away from him.

Marlin Atloe – Age 18

A somewhat naïve MMM private newly assigned to Captain Libadeer’s group.

Tammy Simna – Age 20

A MMM defense-grid technician working at the Central Dome’s Nerve Center on Moon Colony Moori. Her plain and professional demeanor, as well as her tone of voice–subtly shifting between sarcasm and earnestness–makes her a hard person to read.


Antone Saleno – Age 26

Stoic, analytical, and precise, this ARM X Aero Division lieutenant sometimes comes across as more machine than man. Once he has calculated his opponent’s strategy, he will go in for the kill without the slightest outward sign of remorse. His official call sign is “Cerberus.”

Berna Kaya – Age 26

An even-keeled Mechanized Division lieutenant who commands the 13th Unit’s 2nd Team.

Cameron Perri – Age 25

With his good-natured and welcoming disposition, he is the backbone of morale for Darrian Jhen’s main team. Like Rock Kremolle, this ARM X corporal has a military background from the USU Army.

Darrian Jhen – Age 25

He was abducted by the ARM X as a teenager. Now a lieutenant, he has become highly regarded in the ARM X for his jack-of-all-trades skill set. As a member of Mechanized Division, he commands the 13th Unit: the Mad Scorpions. With thoughts of the world he left behind close to his heart, he has dedicated his life to the hidden plight of the ARM X. What will this path bring him?

Duke Elid – Age 23

A daring and haughty hotshot in the main team of Darrian’s mecha unit with a background in law enforcement. Everything is a contest to him, and he goes out of his way to make sure that he is the one who makes the first move in a fight. As such, he has something of a rivalry with his commander.

Elliot Nugram – Age 18

The newest and youngest member of Darrian Jhen’s main team. This corporal’s talent for mecha combat has caught the attention of the ARM X higher-ups, opening doors for him. He comes across as a wallflower, but is really an intense individual determined to fit in and help his teammates.

Jacob Lonne – Age 28

Leader of the Silver Unit of Epsilon assault armors.

Jay Adere – Age 22

His passion for art, particularly painting, provides this ARM X Aero Division second lieutenant an attention to detail and bold creativity that benefit his flying. He has a quirky sense of observational humor that has earned him the call sign “Joker.”

Karen Reede – Age 24

A lieutenant in the ARM X’s Aero Division known as the “Sky Hunter.” Despite her reputation as a fighter ace, she is a very kind and considerate person harboring sentiments which would surprise those who have seen her in action.

Louis Reget – Age 39

Leader of the Copper Unit of Epsilon assault armors.

Marie Taka – Age 23

An accomplished spy, technician, and Scout-class mecha pilot with a femme fatale persona, her father’s tutelage and influence have allowed her to rise quickly in the ARM X society. However, whether or not that is what she really wants remains to be seen.

Matthew “Tekk” Stevens – Age 23

A brilliant member of the ARM X’s Communications Division who assists in security system programming. His technical skills have not gone unnoticed by the R&D teams of Science Division, particularly Dr. Toshio Taka. His adeptness in the realm of technology in a hidden world dominated by Tekkion technology have some, especially friends, calling him “Tekk.”

Miguel Arroyo – Age 24

A strategic-minded Mechanized Division second lieutenant who commands the 13th Unit’s 3rd Team.

Moses Masozi Mauss – Age 45

The ARM X’s Director of Internal Affairs and the senior officer in charge of Investigator Division.

Qiao Yanlo – Age 70

The genius creator of the Black Deva and PSIFIS, much of his research has been officially shelved or co-opted by the ARM X. The vocal passion he has for his work has caused some to question his mental state; however, he is far more aware and resourceful than his colleagues realize.

Rock Kremolle – Age 28

The eldest member of Darrian’s main team, and its tactical backbone. This ARM X sergeant’s USU Army background has given him a maturity that comes off not only in his professional bearing during combat, but also in his strong belief in loyalty and commitment to duty.

Samuel Leon Degarri – Age 52

He is the only officer with direct seniority over Thomas J. Hawkk, holding the exclusive rank of “Admiral” and the top ARM X Defense Council position titled “Director-Marshal of Principal Operations.” With a USU Naval background and a conservative leadership style, he has a contentious relationship with General Hawkk. In spite of this, he manages to run a steady ship. At this time, his position is a desk job of sorts. Yet this position also makes him the only formal link between the ARM X and the Xeno Head Committee.

Sergio Guerrero – Age 21

A plucky Mechanized Division corporal in the 13th Tekkion Unit’s 3rd Team with an excellent work ethic.

Steffen Zevlin – Age 30

Alternately known as “Zevlin” and “White Knight” to his subordinates, this former ARM X instructor and test pilot is the leader of the esteemed Whisper Squadron Victory. He is a strict, by-the-book commander whose flying technique is not elaborate yet nonetheless is highly effective.

Tasha Bol – Age 26

A precise and perceptive Mechanized Division sergeant in the 13th Tekkion Unit’s 3rd Team.

Thomas Jeremiah Hawkk – Age 46

A former member of the USU Army and WDC, he is a daring and inquisitive general who wishes to get problems solved at their roots before they sprout into a crisis. That being said, he has a short temper. Nevertheless, he has overwhelming respect for and trust in his soldiers, treating them like brothers and sisters. If the opportunity arises, he will not hesitate to join his subordinates in battle. In the ARM X, his full title on the Defense Council is “Director of Military Operations.”

Toshio Taka – Age 60

Responsible for tapping into the ARM X’s Tekkion technology to the point where it is now. The designer of the TXMMI-5 Redeemer, KIFIS, Auto-KIFIS, and Mobile Stealth Skin, his genius appears unmatched. He is the father of Marie Taka.

Vince Garret – Age 24

The ARM X Aero Division’s very own “Wild Card.” Animated to the point of being irrepressible and unpredictable, he has trouble keeping his rank intact despite his incredible skill and instincts in a Tekkion fighter craft.

Xeno Head Committee/Xeno Foundation – Age ???

The true and mysterious leaders of the ARM X. Admiral Samuel L. Degarri is their sole official messenger, carrying out their directives. The Xeno Head Committee is made up of twelve members that take instructions from an even more secretive three-member body dubbed the Xeno Foundation.


Albert Jenkks – Age 25

A brash Blood Runner special forces member known for his sharpshooting.

Cara Elis – Age 29

An intense Blood Runner special forces member with a specialty in demolitions. Her talent with a hyper torch has earned her the nickname “Fire Witch.”

Christopher Dowds – Age 20

A communications technician who also serves as an aide to Viesh Gartenk.

Donald Syvers – Age 49

A scientist and engineer working for a World Union military contractor in the European Union.  He is using his clout and connections to secretly bring about the development and construction of several new types of mobile weapons platforms for the Neo IRF.

Evan Sakee – Age 23

An always curious Blood Runner special forces member known for his extensive knowledge of mecha technology and design.

Gilliam Frota – Age 26

A clever Blood Runner special forces member known for his penchant of twisting around facts so that they suit his own judgment and rationale.

Linus Lehn – Age 24

An efficient Blood Runner special forces member known for his quiet nature.

Macerio Pinto – Age 27

A callous and boastful Blood Runner special forces member known for looking after his own interests.

Paul Cravier – Age 30

A calm and collected Blood Runner special forces member known for his tactical intelligence.

Relenta Elis – Age 27

A supremely loyal Blood Runner special forces member with a specialty in demolitions and heavy firearms. She is Cara Elis’ younger sister.

Sebastian Sergei Thurmasi – Age 50

A proud veteran of the Eastern Conflicts and Civil Uprising concerned with the current state of the world, he works hard to see that the ideals of the late Reish Kinheir are finally achieved.

Viesh Gartenk – Age 49

An esoteric soldier with a strong moral code. He seems disgusted by any mention of the Civil Uprising or Reish Kinheir.


Backroad – Age 30

A Resistance Regular with a background in musical performance. He has a friendly rivalry with Silo.

Bandana – Age 25

A medic and skilled wheelman in the Resistance Regulars.

Grounder – Age 35

An extremely gruff Resistance Regular whose expertise is transportation.

Heart – Age 22

One of the best mecha pilots in the Resistance Regulars. She has a mentoring yet flirty relationship with Wishbone.

Jamm – Age 18

A multifaceted individual with skills including hacking and mechanical design, he is invaluable to the Resistance’s plight. Witty if not sardonic, he has a habit of running his mouth. His late father was a founder of the Resistance.

Kamp – Age 24

Roguish, laid-back, but deliberate, he keeps order and sanity among the motley crew of Resistance Regulars. Even when asked, he doesn’t like to talk about himself, only his place in the Resistance.

Riptide – Age 34

The stolid and saturnine leader of the USU Resistance. His hatred toward Magnus T. Oghin is obsessive and rules his life. A talented War Wagon pilot and well-rounded soldier with almost inhuman abilities, no mission seems to disturb him.

Silo – Age 29

A Resistance Regular whose expertise is heavy weapons and ordnance. He has a friendly rivalry with Backroad.

Wishbone – Age 20

One of the youngest and most ambitious Resistance Regulars who often acts as a runner, doing a little bit of everything. He has been mentored on mecha combat by Heart and is quite fond of her.

Wynder – Age 31

A Resistance Regular who is in charge of inventory.


An Liu – Age 21

A World Union Astro Corps corporal posted at the GSDS-1 under the command of Elaine Forran.

Charles Alexander Baeleene – Age 51

President of the USU. After a hiatus, he has returned to the presidency by popular demand and a special constitutional amendment. His collective tenure in this position is unprecedented, brought about by the need for significant reconstruction and continuity after the tragedy of the Civil Uprising. He was the one who reunited the USU during that civil war, and continues to work to rid the government of any corruption left behind from that conflict. He continues to reach out to the people, trying to see things from their perspective, even as he finds himself increasingly strained by the prolonged duty and responsibility of the Oval Office. But in addition to this, there are personal matters that are weighing on his heart more and more with each passing day.

Charlie Singh – Age 26

A World Union Astro Corps second lieutenant who serves in the Orion Squadron of Strata jets.

Dyson Prichard – Age 49

The captain of a European Union battlecarrier often given high-profile assignments.

Earl Blake – Age 19

European Union radioman under the command of Dyson Prichard.

Elaine Forran – Age 49

Commander of the GSDS-1 in Geostationary Orbit, she is committed to keeping the peace around and beyond the Earth. She was the wife of the late Jack Forran, a veteran of the Civil Uprising killed by Magnus T. Oghin in the Battle of San Francisco. It seems they had a child on the way at the time who, shortly after the war, passed away as well.

Ford Meyer – Age 24

A World Union Astro Corps corporal posted at the GSDS-2 under the command of Leonard Renbolt.

Horace Aireson – Age 57

A high-ranking general in the USU Army and a key member on the USU’s Council for Internal Defense. He oversaw the Battle of San Francisco as a colonel in 2318 AD.

Isaac “Hal” Goldman – Age 27

A World Union Astro Corps second lieutenant posted at the GSDS-2 under the command of Leonard Renbolt.

Jianjun Weng – Age 27

A prideful Chinese Union rear admiral of great influence and ambition. He is the eldest living son of the late industrialist and activist Qing Weng, the key organizer of the Asian Separatist Army during the Eastern Conflicts.

Katelin Baeleene – Age 19

Called both elegant and rebellious at times by the media, the complicated and talented daughter of President Charles A. Baeleene has had to manage a life that has been less than normal.

Leonard Renbolt – Age 51

Commander of the GSDS-2 in Geostationary Orbit.

Minsheng Lin – Age 61

The Asian Union’s leader and chief delegate in the World Union Head Council.

Raphael Aspente – Age 56

The chief engineer in charge of overseeing the development of the Cherubic Satellite Space Cannon in Geostationary Orbit.

Richard VIII – Age 47

A mysterious and eccentric lawyer of the underworld who does work on both sides of the Atlantic.

Richter Herche – Age 54

The European Union’s leader and chief delegate in the World Union Head Council.

Stig Jameson – Age 22

A World Union Astro Corps private posted at the GSDS-2 under the command of Leonard Renbolt.

Tomás Locke – Age 53

The current vice-president of the United States Union. He once served as president.



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