*”The story definitely hooked me…I was completely enfolded in the plot, eagerly turning the page to find out what would happen next. And I do appreciate that you’re making a big, interweaving story. It’s made even better by the fact that you had a really interesting interim story, too. It definitely left me wanting to know what will happen in the future, both with the individual characters and with the ominous undertones in the organizations.”


*”Very cinematic and action-packed. Actually, most of the action sequences stick with me, playing like a movie in my head…I’m also starting to see layering, which is the sign of an experienced author. Multiple plot threads play at the same time, the action and the personal dramas’ plot threads interweaving…I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for writing it!”


*”I love the writing style. You have the right amount of detail; it’s not too much to bore you, but it keeps me hooked. And don’t get me started on the characters. They’re so perfect!”


*“The personal and philosophical arguments between characters are realistic and tie perfectly with the story…They come off as a necessity.”


*”I love the little words you add, here and there. They add another dimension, and I can vision the places like a movie.”


*”The fighting scenes are written amazingly, because it’s simple to understand what’s happening. The small sarcastic comments from characters like Adam really liven up these battles.”


*“This book makes me want to drop every plan I have today to read all of it!”


*”This could be the Harry Potter of sci-fi.”


*”The closest thing that comes to mind when reading this is a new and modern take on War and Peace.”


*”The nature of the characters and some of the romantic tensions remind me of classic Gothic works at times.”


*“This story is amazing. It has plenty of strong characters, and it has a very intriguing plot. The way the story is written definitely surprised me at certain points. Like when people die, it doesn’t seem like it’s final until you read on and see that they actually are dead. It’s refreshing to see stories like that, and not something that’s cliché.”


*“I really like the plot and the effortless point of view changes.”


*“One of the things that I enjoy the most about this book is the look of the mecha. The way you describe them is incredible, and makes me want one of them really badly.”


*”Warning. Once you start reading this book, you cannot stop!”


*”The first few pages had my heart racing; I was instantly caught up in the book.”


*”The Prelude is worded so beautifully.”


*“An intense, action-jacked sci-fi drama that will leave your mind twirling in a vast world full of plot twists and unforgettable characters.”


*“Books like these truly need to be on the bookstore shelves as much as The Hunger Games.

Are you reading ARM X yet? Have a reaction you’d like to share from your reading experience? Send it in, and it may be featured!                 




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