DATA: Terminology


AATF: Antarctic Training Facility

ACTC: Air Cargo Transport Craft

Advancism: A theory and belief which emerged late in the 2100s stating, “War and its brethren inhibit the positive advancement of humankind and society.” Originating from a team of prestigious African, Asian, and American sociologists, it became quite popular on the international stage. Much like the later World Union program titled Mission: Outer Limits, it blamed war for the lack of focus in the advancement of beneficial technology and society in general, calling it “the shackles of humanity.” Unfortunately, the principles put forth in goodwill produced sects of extremists who believed war should be destroyed forever by war itself. This concept of “canceling out” war’s negative energies through fighting, thus severing the static cycle, spread small conflicts and riots all over the globe for a period of time. This controversial implementation of Advancism would later mix with the concepts of the Classical Revolution, thus helping to create the alliance known as the World Unification Program (which would go on to form the World Union).

AFI: Armed Forces Intelligence

AI: Artificial intelligence

AL-USB: Advanced Laser Universal Serial Bus

AMRL: Anti-mecha rocket launcher

Armored Life Shroud: One-man lifeboats meant to protect astronauts or related personnel that may find themselves adrift in space.

ARM X: Armed Reserve Mecha of the Xeno Organization

ASA: Asian Separatist Army


Beijing Treaty: The formal document that ended the Eastern Conflicts.

B-HT : Behemoth hover transport

Bion (Bionic): Earliest and most common form of mecha used worldwide. Dubbed “Bionic” because of their humanoid frames and ability to augment human attributes, such as strength and speed.

Boost: Shorthand for booster/s or the output/use of one or more booster. (i.e. “It traversed on boost.”)


Civil Uprising: United States Union civil war. (2317-2318 AD).

Classical Revolution: The coined term for the ideology and teachings of British sociologist and philosopher Nicholas Herrington, who wrote a famous treatise on the subject. His writings proved immensely popular and were widely adopted in schools, especially in Europe and East Asia in the early 2200s. The concept of the “Classical Revolution” was to reintroduce “traditional, conservative values of the prosperous past,” while at the same time pushing a “progressive idealism” for a “perfect tomorrow.” Herrington wanted to foster a “new chivalry” in a material-driven global society that was “losing control of itself” in the midst of interrelated environmental and economic disasters. The peak of this cultural revolution took place between 2232 and 2315 AD. Aristocratic families flourished during this time period, and Herrington’s ideals molded many prominent minds, becoming an indirect cause to the Eastern Conflicts, the skirmishes which preceded it for years, and eventually the final formation of the World Union. Around 2325 AD, the Classical Revolution’s ideals began fading from the societal mainstream. However, even today it has its niche group of followers in the world.

Commune-set: Next-generation advanced communication devices, portable or embedded in larger machines. They can set up individual “links” (commune-link) or a “network” (commune-net). It was designed to make short- and long-range communication in any situation effortless–a “communion of words between speakers” rather than simple communication, hence its name. This technology still has its limits, and continues to evolve to overcome any issues of transmission interference.

Council for Internal Defense: A post-Civil Uprising USU national security council made up of top officials from the various military branches of the United States Union, including the Army and Washington Defense Corps.

CTS (Control Throttle Stick/s): One of the main operating devices inside a mecha’s cockpit. Along with the foot pedals, these control the mecha’s primary movements.


Design/Unit/Model: Refers to a mecha’s makeup/status. (i.e. “That has to be a new design!” or “Who’s piloting that old unit?”) Also used as a synonym for “mecha.”

Disaster of 2331: Crisis in which an abnormal meteor shower temporarily damaged Moon Colony Moori’s Nerve Center. Resulted in various safety upgrades to the Central Dome, including the addition of four strega cannons.


Eastern Conflicts: The international war which led to the official and completed formation of the World Union. Dubbed as such due to the primary front being in East Asia. (2313-2315 AD).

EBG: Energy blast grenade

ECM: Electronic countermeasure

EG: Energy gun

EMG: Energy machine gun

Energy Revolution of 2270: An ambitious international push to solve global energy crises contributing to economic and environmental disaster. It resulted in multiple solutions, from infrastructural and technical improvements in the generation and transmission of wind and solar energies to the development of particle reactors, super batteries, and refined energy cells. Some historians see the international ingenuity and cooperation on this bold endeavor as another seed that led to the current World Union. During all this, American, Russian, and Italian scientists stumbled upon a versatile new energy source they called strega, which is still in its developmental stages on Earth and Moon Colony Moori in 2343 AD.

Energy weaponry/development: In most industrialized areas of the world, weapons run by advanced energy cells or batteries have replaced conventional ammunition, both in mecha and small firearms. This new energy cell technology has also proven beneficial for powering cities and all manner of machinery, including mecha themselves.

ERF: Energy rifle



GAT : Gaton’s Assault Tube

GEB (Global Economic Board): Economic regulatory body of the World Union which monitors and manages financial exchanges and investments across the globe.

Generation of Hope: A title generally referring to those born around the end of the Civil Uprising, though sometimes extended to those born just prior during the establishment of the World Union. It is believed that these individuals were born in a world dedicated to peace, and have consciously known little else but peace. As such, there is great “hope” that this generation will carry on a freedom from war into the future as they find their own new way in the world.

Grappling gun: A pistol-like instrument capable of firing a powered wire with a durable, claw-like hook. Said “hook” has a sensor to grab or stab for leverage depending on the scenario.

GSDS: Gladiator Satellite Defense Station


HELT : Helitransport

H-RPG: Heavy rocket-propelled grenade

HT : Hover transport


IA: Impulse Attack (mode)

Impulse suit: Complex pilot suits exclusive to the ARM X that have retractable wires which act as extensions of the human nervous system when interacting with the KIFIS or auto-KIFIS.

IR: Infrared

IRF (Iron Revolution Faction): Revolutionary group based in the United States Union that once fought for reform using Bionic mecha. Responsible for the Civil Uprising. Its leaders were Reish Kinheir, Magnus T.Oghin, and Sebastian Thrumasi.


“Jock”: Slang term in the ARM X society for fighter pilots. (Traditionally derogatory).


KIFIS/auto-KIFIS (automatic-/Kinetic Induced Force Impulse System): The KIFIS is an operating system that allows for highly complex, kinetic nerve-based movements in equipped Tekkion machines via impulse suit interface. The more advanced auto-KIFIS provides a digital co-pilot with its own set of nerves to assist the pilot in extreme combat situations. This latter system has not yet been widely adopted, and is still considered experimental.

KREEP: Designation/acronym for some lunar rocks containing a unique combination of incompatible elements. The K stands for potassium, the REE stands for rare earth elements, and the P stands for phosphorus. Since mining began on these rocks due to the related discovery of strega energy, they are sometimes referred to as “KREEPs” in the plural. While a number of resources and their byproducts are being mined for practical usage or experimentation on the Moon, KREEPs are the most celebrated at present because of the promise of strega as another energy source with the potential to shore up successful efforts back on Earth in ending energy crises for the foreseeable future. It was with this thought in mind that the development of Moon Colony Moori was fast-tracked.


LCT : Lunar Containment Tent

L-HT : Leviathan hover transport

LNT : Lunar tank


Mecha* (manned mechanized infantry/man/men**): Giant, military-flaired, humanoid machines piloted by men and women that have become a mainstay weapon in tactical combat alongside tanks and fighter jets.

*Note: The word mecha is both singular and plural.

**Note: Infantryman/men, or a class identity like Bion, Turbon, or Tekkion, as well as the mecha’s name (i.e. Goliath), serial number (i.e. BMMI-1), or any organized combination, are all recognized ways to refer to a particular design.

“Mechaneer”: Slang term in the ARM X society for mecha pilots. (Traditionally derogatory).

MMM (Moori’s Moon Militia):  A military-police organization responsible for protecting Moon Colony Moori and its various lunar endeavors. They are considered a “militia” of the larger collective army of the World Union back on Earth. Their armaments utilize strega energy.


Neo IRF: New Iron Revolution Faction



Project Juggernaut: The World Unification Program’s codename for the limited production of massive, advanced mobile frontline bases. These incredible stations bristling with weaponry assisted greatly in the final defeat of rebel outfits during the latter stages of the Eastern Conflicts. The land-based B-HT and the sea-based L-HT are examples of this project. All reports state that they were destroyed and/or dismantled following that war.

PSIFIS (Psionic Induced Force Impulse System): An experimental and advanced form of the KIFIS. It allows for highly complex control in a Tekkion more so than any other system, and runs off of a pilot’s ambition and psyche/thoughts. Though limitless in potential, it is considered unstable and very dangerous.



“Reach for the Heavens”: Slogan used by delegates of the World Unification Program promoting the development of an international space agenda. Numerous years of fighting, isolation, corruption, and other counterproductive actions had prevented humankind’s journey to the heavens in any sizable capacity. This slogan led to Mission: Outer Limits, a program that planned a daring thrust into space. The initial stages of this project have produced the highly successful Moon Colony Moori, the Gladiator Satellite Defense Stations, and the soon-to-be completed Cherubic Satellite Space Cannon. (The latter two have been argued as crippling the purpose and far-reaching goals of the program by focusing too much on Earth). Still, it is hoped that with Earth’s orbital perimeter secured from chance disaster, further manned missions to more distant locations might occur, procuring results like those seen through Moori. However, with the invigorating idealism of the Classical Revolution all but gone, funding for Mission: Outer Limits has been cut considerably. It appears as if man will be stranded in their part of the galaxy for many more years to come, denied their long-overdue exploration of the stars once again. There is a silent consensus among some in the political realm that the continued strength and unity of the World Union depends upon Mission: Outer Limits, which provides all of humankind a clear, common, and universally beneficial goal from which everyone can take pride in, while at the same time providing new opportunities and a hope-filled, ambitious future vision. Historians are in agreement, stating that the original heart of Advancism is basically that hope, advancement, positive goals, and prosperity “fend off war’s hot breath.” It is a formula which has thus far allowed the World Union its relative success during its short existence; though, some would point to its stratified treatment of various unions as a sign that it is failing in its long-term goals.


SAM: Surface-to-air missile

Sim: Shorthand for “simulation”

Stasis Cask: Advanced cryogenic containment vessel that resembles a coffin with a semitransparent lid.

Strega: A new, powerful, but thus far limited energy source produced by refining the incompatible elements of lunar KREEPs (potassium, rare earth elements, and phosphorus) in conjunction with experimental particle energy processes. It resonates a dazzling cerulean blue.

Sub-EMG: Energy submachine gun


TCH: Tactical Commission Hall

Tekkion: A class of mecha that predates Bionic, but is far more advanced. Mecha of this class have the best overall stats.

Troid: A sub-group of mecha that generally rely on boosters, hover cushion-engines, or some other form of propulsion for primary movement. Initially used for construction, mining, and other labor-intensive jobs, they have also been converted into fighting machines. Usually they are somewhat smaller than their massive mechanized counterparts, though this is not always the case. Their full and formal title is traversaloid.

Turbon (Turbonic): A new hybrid, experimental mixture of Tekkion and Bionic know-how. Mecha of this class are faster, more maneuverable, and have better armor than their Bionic predecessors.


Uniform Time (UNIT): A relatively new way of tracking time. Though there are many skeptics of its accuracy, it has gained ascendancy through the World Union government as a method of recording the passing of time. Used primarily in the static comparison of events, it is particularly useful for those living in orbit or on Moon Colony Moori.

UNN: Union News Network

Union Security Agreement: Post-Civil Uprising USU document comprised of a number of articles explaining the jurisdiction and division of duties between various USU military branches and security agencies, including the USU Army, Armed Forces Intelligence, and Washington Defense Corps.

USBS: Universal Subway System


Vid-screen: Next-generation video transmission technology based on the framework behind the communications technology found in a commune-set. The screens in question can be material or projected outward in 2D into digital windows, sometimes called “vid-windows.”


WDC (Washington Defense Corps): Once a special forces group under the United States Union Army, following the Civil Uprising they became more independent and now have close ties with the Judicial Branch and the security agencies of the United States Union. They act as a strong police entity rather than a full-fledged army, preventing acts of rebellion and terrorism. Their jurisdiction is usually limited to within the USU’s borders unless otherwise told, giving the USU Army some minor degree of control over them despite their significant increase in status.

Winger/s: WDC Air Corps’ elite special forces.

World Unification Movement/Program: An international alliance struck between many of the major governments of the world over a number of years under the noble pledge to secure a stable world peace. Fueled by the concepts of Advancism and the Classical Revolution, as well as a desire to overcome costly mistakes of the past, they became extremely active in the early 2300s, taking daring steps toward adding the entire world’s governments into the alliance through one method or another, and thus form a comprehensive “world union.” They succeeded, and in 2316, the World Union became the official governing body of the entire world. However, despite the uneasy peace which has seemingly benefited many in the world, there are still many others who view the World Union’s supranational structure with distrust and even disdain.

WU (World Union): The new, collective governing entity of the Earth formally established in 2316 AD. It is divided into eight “macro unions”: European Union, North American Union, South American Union, Uralian Union, MidEast Union, Asian Union, African Union, and the Oceanic Union. All governing structures such as states and provinces within these macro unions have been renamed “unions,” as well. (i.e. the United States is now the United States Union).




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